In-Home Companionship and Care Services

caregiver is preparing meal for her patient

Social interaction is a natural need – wanting to talk to someone or wanting to have someone by your side is normal. However, what happens when an illness, disability, or old age prevents you from going out of your home to socialize with others?

At Techni-Pro Home Health Care, LLC, we understand that certain circumstances can hinder some individuals from going out, which is why we are here to provide In-Home Companionship and Care Services that include:

  • Assistance with Daily Exercise
  • Assistance with Answering Correspondence
  • Conversation and Companionship
  • Grocery Shopping/Running Errands
  • Light Housekeeping
  • Meal Preparation and Assistance
  • Recreational Activities (e.g. board games, crossword puzzles, etc.)
  • Transportation Assistance

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